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Selling all (or even a part) of your wine collection should be a rewarding experience. Auctions can yield surprises, such as seller’s commissions, payment delays or the return of your unsold wines. Terms from brokers and wine retailers run the gamut, from overly selective and complicated to slow and unrealistically low. We’re different!

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Close The Deal And Get Paid Faster

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“ Benchmark made this an easy process
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- Ed from Colorado Springs

The most accurate market appraisal!

Your wine collection is an asset as much as a passion. Our exclusive data maximizes its value.


The Wine Market Journal brings us exclusive access to quality market data that allows Benchmark to show you exactly what competitors can offer, and why Benchmark is the best choice. We charge a smaller commission, swiftly sell your wine and guarantee a higher price than the auction average.


An auction’s high estimate is never guaranteed and rarely achieved, leaving collectors with unfulfilled expectations. Through our partnership with The Wine Market Journal, Benchmark can provide actual hammer values of your wines in recent auctions and show why we pay more, faster.

Faster to Market, Faster to Pay

A Benchmark Cellar Team can be on your doorstep within 24 hours of contract completion, ready to catalog and pack your collection. We can take your cellar to market in just days; no waiting for weeks or months until the next auction while you watch the wine market change on a daily basis. Savvy consignors can take advantage of fleeting market conditions and have a check in hand before the next available auction.

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We Reach the Largest Audience
for Collectible Wines

Auctions give only one moment to sell your wines, limiting their audience to a single group of bidders with a fixed sell date. Benchmark takes your collection to market at a premium price and finds the right buyer on their timetable; adding value to your wines with convenience, a Provenance Guarantee and world-class customer service. Exposing your collection to a larger number of potential buyers who can browse at their convenience will result in a higher return on your investment.

Flexible Terms and
Personalized Logistics

Each collector has a different reason for selling their wine, which is why we offer flexible payment terms and marketing plans for your collection. Our acquisitions professionals will work with you to reach a personalized agreement that makes sense for your collection. Benchmark also handles all door-to-door logistics, transportation scheduling, and for larger collections, on-site inventory. Regional representatives are available to personally meet with you, discuss options, and make recommendations based on your needs.