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Levy & McClellan

4 Bottles Available 2012

Levy & McClellan Red 2012

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Levy & McClellan Proprietary Red Ampersand 2012

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16 Bottles Available 2011

Levy & McClellan Proprietary Red Ampersand 2011

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3 Bottles Available 2010

Levy & McClellan Proprietary Red Ampersand 2010

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2 Bottles Available 2009

Levy & McClellan Red 2009

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10 Bottles Available 2008

Levy & McClellan Red 2008

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14 Bottles Available 2005

Levy & McClellan Red 2005

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Levy & McClellan

The Winery

Levy & McClellan

Bob Levy, long-time winemaker at Harlan Estate, and his wife, Martha McClellan, who has done incredible consulting work at such top-flight wineries as Sloan and Blankiet, have their own small project whose results to date have been magnificent wines. Although expensive, no one will complain about the quality in the bottle as they are clearly Napa Valley first-growths.
-Robert Parker

Founded in 1999 by husband and wife duo, Bob Levy and Martha McClellan, Levy & McClellan is a collaborative effort that showcases wine of uncompromised quality and expression of their origin. Their portfolio releases among the highest priced red blends in Napa Valley, and each year the prices increase further. Levy & McClellan is entirely allocated, so the wines tend to be extremely difficult to find.

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