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Mouton Rothschild

7 Bottles Available 2009

Mouton Rothschild 2009 6 pack owc

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Mouton Rothschild 2009

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9 Bottles Available 2006

Mouton Rothschild 2006

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Mouton Rothschild 2006

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Mouton Rothschild 2005

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Mouton Rothschild 2005 1.5L

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Mouton Rothschild 2005 1.5L

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6 Bottles Available 2003

Mouton Rothschild 2003

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20 Bottles Available 2000

Mouton Rothschild 2000

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23 Bottles Available 1998

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Mouton Rothschild

The Winery

Château Mouton Rothschild

"Premier Je suis, Second Je fus, Mouton ne change. (First I am, second I was, but Mouton does not change)"
- Baron Phillipe de Rothschild

This was the Baron’s response to Mouton being denied First Growth Bordeaux status initially, and then promoted to the desired classification in 1973. Baron Phillipe de Rothschild is the father of many great French wine estates, including Mouton, Lafite la Muete, Rieussec and L’Evangile, to name a few. Mouton hails from Pauillac in the Medoc region, and is known to be among the elitist wines of the world along with Lafite, d’Yquem and DRC.

A bottle of Mouton is a piece of history, because even the most recent vintages boast a heritage that battled drought, disease, frost, and the Second World War. Rothschild survived, though he lost his wife at the time in 1945 (Elizabeth de Rothschild), who did not survive a concentration camp. Anyone can appreciate the history here, and it’s impossible to ignore the artwork that adorns it. Each vintage, an artist is commissioned to create a new, special label for the wines of Mouton. Some of the names most recognizable include Warhol, Picasso, Chagall, Kandinsky, Dali and even Prince Charles of Wales. To praise the wines would be redundant- stylistically flashy, vibrant, intense mineral and tobacco flavors and opulent. Mouton IS luxury.

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