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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 2016 1.5L

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 2015

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 2012

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 2007 375ml

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 2005 3L

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 1999

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Quintessa Red Napa Valley 1998

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The Winery


"Everything that we do is based on our beliefs that wine should be -- and our wine will be -- known for the property from which it originates, rather than its varietal composition."
- Agustin Huneeus, Proprietor

In 1989, Agustin and Valeria Huneeus found the property that would be Quintessa, a remarkable estate in the heart of the renowned Rutherford appellation of the Napa Valley. With 280 acres, it was the last great undeveloped property in the Napa Valley and it had all the characteristics of a great wine estate: rolling hills, diverse microclimates and many complex soil types. Agustin and Valeria had the vision to develop an estate perfectly suited for the creation of a singular wine that reflects this unique place. Quintessa expresses harmony and balance through the property, the vineyard and the wine.

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