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Rocche dei Manzoni

I am deeply connected to all my vineyards, it is a great privilege for me to make wine with these grapes.
– Rodolfo Migliorini, Proprietor

Located in a UNESCO World Heritage territory, the Podere Rocche dei Manzoni is a winery in Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont. Founded by Valentino Migliorini in 1974, the winery now owns around 150 acres and has made a name for themselves for experimenting with new vines and winemaking techniques. The winery demonstrated themselves a pioneer when they began producing the first blended wine of the Langhe in 1976 as well as becoming the first producer to create a Metodo Classico sparkling wine in the region in 1978.

Today the microclimate of the land is characterized by the high altitude of the hills. Organic vineyard management has significantly contributed to improving the production in regards to the complexity, freshness and longevity of the wines. The winery as a whole has managed to find a way to continue to mature with the times and is always finding new ways to please their cult following.

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