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Harlan Estate

1 Bottle Available 2013

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2013 1.5L

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4 Bottles Available 2012

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2012

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Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2012 1.5L

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1 Bottle Available 2011

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2011 1.5L

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1 Bottle Available 2004

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2004 1.5L

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5 Bottles Available 2002

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2002 1.5L

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Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2002

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1 Bottle Available 2000
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Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 2000 1.5L
TL Torn label

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3 Bottles Available 1999
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Harlan Estate The Maiden 1999
BSL Bin stained label

3 In-Stock 750ml
1 Bottle Available 1993

Harlan Estate Proprietary Red 1993 1.5L

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Harlan Estate

The Winery

Harlan Estate

"Harlan Estate might be the single most profound red wine made not just in California, but in the world."- Robert M. Parker, Jr., The Wine Advocate

"Winemakers believe that the land speaks to them of possibilities. A winemaker's goal is to express those possibilities, to capture the best of what the land has to offer." - Bob Levy, Director of Winegrowing

The true beginning of Harlan Estate dates to 1984 in the western hills of Oakville, California, the heart of Napa Valley. The Harlan family had a plan to create a California equivalent of a Bordeaux first growth, producing a wine that would command global praise. Harlan is known for their estate wine, and their second label, The Maiden. In 1997, Harlan founded BOND in collaboration with winemaker Bob Levy to again produce more prestigious wines from Napa Valley. It's hard to say exactly why the wines are as good as they are, except to point to obvious factors, such as location, terroir and the talents of Harlan's longtime team, but they have undoubtedly earned their supreme cult status.

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