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I constantly strive to make great wines, respond to the curveballs of Mother Nature, and respect that each wine is a reflection not only of its origin, but the variables and characteristics of a particular vintage.
–Helen Keplinger, Winemaker and Founder

After helping start a winery in the Priorat region of Spain, Helen Keplinger immersed herself in the Mediterranean way of life. Keplinger and her husband, DJ Warner, traveled throughout southern France, the Languedoc, and the Rhone Valley while abroad which fueled the idea for them to bring those wines and ideals back with them to California to begin a Grenache and Syrah project. They seek out exceptionally farmed grapes from select vineyards to allow the wines to their full potential. With great emphasis on small quantities made from small lots, Keplinger respects and responds to the evolution of each unique terroir on any given year. The wines show finesse and complexity with ease, and have been greatly accepted by the public.

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