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Beaulieu Vineyards

1 Bottle Available 2018

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 6 2018

1 In-Stock 750ml
46 Bottles Available 2017
12 Bottles Available 2016

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 6 2016

1 In-Stock 750ml

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Madame de Latour 2016

1 In-Stock 750ml
JS 94
10 Bottles Available 2014
$99.00 $114.00
You save $15.00

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de Latour Private Reserve 2014

3 In-Stock 750ml
WA 96
JS 96

BV Pinot Noir Carneros Reserve 2014

1 In-Stock 750ml

BV Tapestry Reserve 2014

5 In-Stock 750ml
V 90
1 Bottle Available 2013
1 Bottle Available 2011

BV Pinot Noir Carneros Reserve 2011

1 In-Stock 750ml
1 Bottle Available 2004

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 4 2004

1 In-Stock 750ml
CT 91
24 Bottles Available 2000

BV Pinot Noir Carneros 2000

7 In-Stock 750ml

BV Pinot Noir Carneros Reserve 2000

11 In-Stock 750ml

BV Pinot Noir Carneros Reserve 2000

6 In-Stock 750ml
24 Bottles Available 1998
2 Bottles Available 1996

BV Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford 1996

2 In-Stock 750ml
WE 90
17 Bottles Available 1985
2 Bottles Available 1976
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The Winery

Beaulieu Vineyard

Over a hundred years ago, when George de Latour and his wife were on their first visit to the Napa Valley, they exclaimed “beau lieu” upon seeing what would soon be their property. It means “beautiful pace” in French, so beautiful that de Latour promptly sold his business and founded the first four acres of Beaulieu Vineyards, known by many as BV. De Latour did two things that made him a Napa rock star- he imported Phylloxera resistant rootstock from Europe and a revolutionary winemaker born in Russia and trained in France, Andre Tchelistcheff. For over a century, BV has been producing wines that are classic, bold and quintessential Napa Valley.

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