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Leroy, Domaine

4 Bottles Available 2013

Maison Leroy Pommard 2013 12 pack owc

4 Pre-Arrival 750ml
10 Bottles Available 2010

Maison Leroy Volnay Santenots 2010

10 Pre-Arrival 750ml
3 Bottles Available 2005

Maison Leroy Aloxe Corton 2005

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
1 Bottle Available 1999

Domaine Leroy Musigny 1999

1 In-Stock 750ml
6 Bottles Available 1996

Domaine Leroy Corton Charlemagne 1996

4 In-Stock 750ml

Domaine Leroy Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts 1996

2 In-Stock 750ml
2 Bottles Available 1993
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Domaine Leroy Corton Les Renardes 1993

2 In-Stock 750ml
Leroy, Domaine

The Winery

Domaine Leroy

Wine is inspired from the cosmos, it tastes of the world itself... Once one knows how to taste wine, one no longer simply tastes wine but its profound secrets.
- Lalou Bize-Leroy

The wines of Domaine Leroy are among the most elegant, collectable, and rare wines in the Cote d’Or and entire world. Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy is the driving force behind the Leroy empire. She inherited the successful, terroir expressive winery in 1971 from her father, and has developed a reputation as the first important female leader in Burgundy. The intense quality focused crops only yield a quarter of the fruit compared to other vineyards in Burgundy. The wines are not exposed to the fining, filtering or filtration process, further accentuating their relentless pursuit of perfection. The philosophy and practices of biodynamic have been fully implemented since 1989. Domaine Leroy is argued to make one of the finest and brilliantly elegant red Burgundies available.

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