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14 Bottles Available 2014

Futo 5500 2014

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Futo Proprietary Red 2014

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Futo Proprietary Red 2014 1.5L

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29 Bottles Available 2013

Futo 5500 2013

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Futo 5500 2013 1.5L

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Futo Proprietary Red 2013

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13 Bottles Available 2011

Futo Proprietary Red 2011

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Futo Proprietary Red 2011 1.5L

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5 Bottles Available 2010

Futo Proprietary Red 2010

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Futo Proprietary Red 2010 1.5L

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15 Bottles Available 2009

Futo Proprietary Red 2009

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1 Bottle Available 2008

Futo Proprietary Red 2008 1.5L

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1 Bottle Available 2007

Futo Proprietary Red 2007 1.5L

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Futo Family

The Winery


The Futo estate is located in the western hills of the Oakville appellation. There are five distinct estate vineyards that span more than half a mile along the hillside. Each vineyard is divided into half-acre blocks and planted according to the topography, soil and microclimate. Cabernet Sauvignon is the predominating varietal, of which, several clones and selections are planted. In addition, there are several acres of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot.

FUTO is the culmination of efforts to produce the finest Cabernet-based blend possible from our estate vineyards. In making FUTO they strive for a balance of complexity and focus. They believe the wine should display power while retaining the site-specific characteristics that make the wine unique.

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