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Gracia 2012

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Gracia 2011

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Les Angelots de Gracia 2011

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Gracia 2010

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Gracia 2010

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Les Angelots de Gracia 2010

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Gracia 2007

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Gracia 2006

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Gracia 2005

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The Winery

Chateau Gracia

"The miniature jewel of a property (all approximately five acres of it) has produced a world-class wine that is one of the superstars…
– Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Chateau Gracia- the original garagiste winery from Bordeaux! Located in the charming town of St. Emilion, the winery has land on a 4.4-acre parcel and produces nearly 550 cases of wine in a good vintage. The wines are known for being lush and concentrated, and have been continuously well-received in the industry. The chateau is owned by Michel Gracia, a St. Emilion local, who is also a well-established contractor and stone mason that has built prestigious estates including Cheval Blanc, Petrus, and many more. Because of their extremely low yields, the wines of Chateau Gracia require attention to detail and great effort during winemaking, but the final product is considered a masterpiece.

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