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"Red Stitch is the creation of our three families, woven together by a shared passion and goal to experience exceptional wine with those who mean the most to us—our friends and family. We hope this Red Stitch helps you sew up many memories of love and laughter with those who make up the fabric of your life."

-The Aurilia, Micek and Roberts Families

Red Stitch Wine was founded by three families, the Aurilias, Miceks, and Roberts families through years of friendship and wine tasting together. After Rich Aurilia and Dave Roberts retired from Major League Baseball in 2008, they sought out to really get serious in entering the wine business. Having multiple tastings with famous winemaker Rolando Hererra (Mi Sueno, Baldacci, Noemi, etc.) they developed a great relationship with him, which eventually led into the partnership as winemaker of Red Stitch Wines. Since their inaugural vintage in 2007, Red Stitch really established themselves as a boutique producer of world-class wines with big celebrity names behind it, while giving a subtle nod to their baseball background with the red stitches that cover a baseball.

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