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Here is a playback of our exclusive Pilcrow Mountain Series Tasting: Three Honest, Singular, Cabernets hosted by special guests, Sara and Jonah Beer, and Jodi Bronchtein, Sommelier. Check out the featured wines below (while supplies last, quantities limited).

About Pilcrow

Sara and Jonah Beer fell in love with the Napa Valley over two decades ago. They have seen joy and adoration of this valley and its characters deepen and become enriched over the years while finding inspiration in the valley's past and the wines made by the icons of the 50s, 60s, and 70s like Lee Stewart, Nathan Fay, Bob Travers, Bob Sessions, Al Brounstein, and so many more.

Pilcrow was brought forth in 2014 with their first harvest, and it quickly became clear that it was destined to be more than merely a wine. Pilcrow became a promise to the world to celebrate the humanity of craftsmanship. To treasure the past. To take things slowly. To be a little bit analog.

Through Pilcrow, Sara and Jonah demonstrate their love of quiet wines that value grace and thoughtfulness and amplify terroir. It is through Pilcrow that fine-wine ambition drives them and makes the clear expression of terroir an absolute and an ideal. By looking for, caring for, and safeguarding each vineyard's differentiating characteristics, they stay alert, as vintners, to the exceptional possibilities of each wine.

Pilcrow is a nod to many mentors and thoughtful vintners in both the new world and the old, like John Williams, Jean-Michel Comme, Jean-Nicolas Méo, Maria Teresa Mascarello, Marco DiGiulio, Keith Emerson and Toshiaki Wakayama that have helped define, challenge, and develop the wine itself.

Featured Wines:

Pilcrow Cabernet Sauvignon Ghost Block Vineyard 2018
Pilcrow Cabernet Sauvignon Granite Lake 2018
Pilcrow Cabernet Sauvignon Hillwalker 2018

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