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25 Bottles Available NV

Bollinger Special Cuvee NV

1 In-Stock 750ml
WS 93
WA 92

Bollinger PN VZ 16 NV

15 In-Stock 750ml
D 94
BH 93

Bollinger Special Cuvee NV 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 93
WA 92
Original packaging available upon request

Bollinger Brut Rose NV 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
JS 93
WS 92
Original packaging available upon request

Bollinger PN TX17 NV 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
CT 91
Original packaging available upon request
3 Bottles Available 2014

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut Rose 2014 6 pack

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
Original packaging available upon request
36 Bottles Available 2013

Bollinger Brut B13 2013

36 In-Stock 750ml
JS 95
WS 93
6 Bottles Available 2012

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut 2012

6 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 97
GG 97
5 Bottles Available 2009

Bollinger Brut James Bond 007 Limited Edition 2009

5 Pre-Arrival 750ml
FM 96
WA 92
26 Bottles Available 2008

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut 2008

26 In-Stock 750ml
WA 97
11 Bottles Available 2007

Bollinger Extra Brut R.D. 2007

11 In-Stock 750ml
JS 98
WA 97
WS 96
34 Bottles Available 2005

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut 2005

34 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 94
JS 94
9 Bottles Available 2003

Bollinger 2003 By Bollinger 2003

9 In-Stock 750ml
WS 94
30 Bottles Available 2002

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut 2002

4 In-Stock 750ml
JH 97
WSM 95

Bollinger Extra Brut R.D. 2002

26 In-Stock 750ml
JS 99
JH 98
3 Bottles Available 1990

Bollinger Grande Annee Brut 1990

3 Pre-Arrival 750ml
WS 95
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The Winery


Under the direction of Chef de Caves Mathieu Kauffmann, Bollinger produces one of the most consistent lineups in Champagne. Bollinger is one of the handful of larger firms that manages to put out consistently high quality wines despite its size. The estate based in Ay is probably best known to the public through its long association with the James Bond films, which is quite possibly one of the most successful product placement campaigns of all time. Despite the show biz glamour that has inextricably become part of the Bollinger mystique, at their best these are serious wines with significant aging potential.
- The Wine Advocate

Bollinger is one of the most famous Champagne houses in the world. Located in northern France, the wines are noteworthy because of their typically Pinot Noir-dominant cuvées. It was founded in 1829 as the Renaudin-Bollinger & Cie, and was kept in the Bollinger family until 2008 when they gave the chairman’s job to someone from outside of the family. The House is located in Ay and most of the vines are located on premier and grand cru plots. A unique fact of Bollinger is that each of the cuvées uses no less than 60% Pinot Noir so the wines have a masculine quality and age wonderfully. Their vast portfolio ranges from non-vintage brut and rose wines to their prestige cuvées. The house has continued to make international acclaim thanks to appearances as James Bond’s drink of choice throughout the action film franchise.

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