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The Industry Insider Cellar

Benchmark is thrilled to present the Industry Insider Cellar. This collection was composed by a professional wine buyer of deep education, broad experience, and exceptional pedigree. This is as close as you can come to hiring this particular pro to curate your own cellar.

The Prestige Cellar

This newest cellar is an exquisite array, of high-end wines sourced from a Michelin Awarded Restaurant that has recently closed its doors. This impressive collection consists of an exceptional selection, hand-picked by top Sommeliers. The wine list was also recognized as an award-winning collection by the renowned Wine Spectator.

The Decade Cellar

This exquisite cellar was acquired from a long-time collector and repeat client, trusted by Benchmark Wine Group over the decades.  This collector is now a part of the "Million Dollar Club" selling us over a million dollars of wine from his private cellar. The focus of this cellar is Burgundy, culminating in over 143 selections of renowned rarities from the Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune, crafted by the finest producers.

The Influential Cellar

This stunning cellar stems from a loyal client, a medical director at the Wound Institute of America. Recognizing the long-term value of these investments, the collector stocked this collection with iconic wines. Recognizing that investing in these producers would pay off in the long run, this collector stacked his cellar with iconic producers.

The Navigator Cellar

This very impressive cellar has been assembled largely from allocations earned over many years and many visits to Napa. Our client acquired each bottle with pride, directly from the wineries, and stored the collection professionally under optimal conditions.

The Investment Cellar

This cellar results from a collector with a profound love for wine and an eagerness to explore regions, producers, and vintages. his collection highlights 1970's Napa classics, 1960s-1980s Bordeaux, and red Burgundy from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s.

The Caregiver Cellar

This collection, carefully curated by a passionate registered nurse and collector, is a testament to both her unwavering commitment to providing high-quality nursing care to veterans and her love for the artistry of winemaking.

The Trailblazer Cellar

Introducing The Trailblazer Cellar from Dallas, Texas! This collector has curated a remarkable selection of exceptional vintages, spanning the globe and boasting a selection of exceptional vintages, renowned retail sources and thrilling auction finds. But as seasons change, so too does the collector's palate.

The Family Ties Cellar

Benchmark Wine Group is honored to offer this cellar full of Europe’s, California’s, Australia’s, and South America’s most superlative wines. Acquiring wines from this collection is to raise a glass and experience wine with your favorite people, creating lasting memories centered around celebrations of good food and great conversation. Make sure to let your unique wine journey be shared with those you cherish most and take part in this family’s vinous legacy.

The Centennial Cellar

What could be a greater delight than sitting under the stars on a summer night under a moonless Colorado sky while sipping one of your favorite wines? Feeling the warmth of a fine Australian Shiraz, a Napa Cabernet, or silky Chambertin. This cellar comes from a Colorado collector who lovingly and meticulously assembled a top-notch collection for singular moments like these. You, too, will be sure to find the ideal wine from this cellar, unique to your own experiences.

The Magnifique Cellar

We are more than delighted to celebrate the return of The Magnifique Cellar. Just in time for the holidays, this collector has once again graced our cellar with their most prized possessions to make more room in theirs. Collectors should not miss this opportunity to acquire highly-scored and sought-after wines from this cellar with impeccable provenance! All wines are in-stock and ready to ship just in time for the holidays! These wines were always shipped temperature-controlled and professionally stored. And, of course, backed by Benchmark’s Provenance Guarantee.

The Million Dollar Cellar

We are pleased to release a new allocation of world-renowned wines sourced from a repeat client, trusted over the decades. This collection boasts wines crafted by the finest producers of the Old World and top vintages of the past few decades like 2005 Burgundy!

The Chevalier’s Cellar

Bringing together an exclusive fraternity of the most dedicated wine connoisseurs is the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin. With chapters worldwide, the eclectic groups of members share in the bacchanalian delight of the finest wines and the hedonistic pursuit of sumptuous culinary pairings. This outstanding cellar is an ode to Dionysus, Bacchus, Noah, Saint-Vincent, and the brotherhood and camaraderie of wine lovers everywhere.

California All-Star

Coming from Nevada, this collector, a passionate healthcare worker, professionally stored his prized possessions in a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facility. His collection mainly came from the Golden State of California where entirely everything was bought direct, on release. Of course, no cellar is complete without highly sought-after Old World and Southern Hemisphere gems!

The Southern Hospitality Cellar

With years of maintaining their status on the most sought-after allocation lists, this couple carefully made their seasonal wine selections directly from the wineries. With wines coming from venerable producers such as Scarecrow, Hundred Acre, Futo, Williams Selyem, Aubert, and many more; their dinner company was sure to be treated to the kindness of Southern hospitality. No matter what part of the world our clients call home, Benchmark Wine is delighted to offer this newest cellar collection, so that some Southern charm may grace your gatherings.

The California Treasured Cellar

Having a special fondness for family-owned wineries, this dedicated DC collector filled his cellar with not only wines that pleased his palate but also producers that hit the mark when it comes to single-vineyard, terroir-driven wines. In this new collection, you will find highly acclaimed, treasured, and recognized wines from Williams Selyem, Peter Michael, Ladera, Pride, and Quintessa as well as many others.

The Celebratory Cellar

Special milestones in life deserve to be toasted with a glass of the finest wine available. This cellar is full of back vintage and library wines ready to help you commemorate those you love. Over many years, this collector acquired his wines directly from the producers and top-tiered auction sites, thus amassing a truly outstanding blue-chip collection.

The Three Decades Cellar

This superb new cellar comes from an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and well-traveled gentleman who has been collecting and enjoying wine for over 30 years. This extraordinary collection amassed over three decades reveals the collector’s devotion to the great wines of France, Spain, Italy, and the United States and his commitment to many of the greatest producers therein.

The Emerald City Cellar

This cellar results from a Seattle Collector's love for old-world wine and his desire to share his journey. In the early 1990s, he began collecting after joining tasting groups and developed a passion for old-world wines.

The Advocate Cellar

This collection comes from a local wine enthusiast who was a distinguished attorney by day and an avid wine collector by night. As their passion grew and their cellar expanded, and found themselves surrounded by an overwhelming amount of extraordinary wines.

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