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3 Bottles Available 2014

Ovid Hexameter Proprietary Red 2014

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34 Bottles Available 2013

Ovid Hexameter Proprietary Red 2013

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Ovid Hexameter Proprietary Red 2013

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Ovid Hexameter Proprietary Red 2013 1.5L

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Ovid Proprietary Red 2013

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Ovid Proprietary Red 2013 1.5L

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Ovid Syrah 2013

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8 Bottles Available 2012
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Ovid Experiment V6.2 2012
TL Torn label

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Ovid Proprietary Red 2012

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Ovid Proprietary Red 2012 1.5L

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7 Bottles Available 2011

Ovid Proprietary Red 2011

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Ovid Experiment S3.1 2011

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Ovid Proprietary Red 2011 1.5L

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2 Bottles Available 2010

Ovid Proprietary Red 2010

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1 Bottle Available 2009

Ovid Proprietary Red 2009 1.5L

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1 Bottle Available 2007

Ovid Proprietary Red 2007

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The Winery


“As a poet, Ovid has several remarkable qualities. His great scope and ambition enabled him to seamlessly tie together all of the Greek myths into a single unbroken song in his poem Metamorphoses. And throughout this long text, his poetry is simultaneously dense and rich and extremely fluid and fluent. Each year, when crafting our flagship Ovid Napa Valley blend, we are inspired to recreate these poetic qualities in the wine: to tell a compelling story from our estate; to make wine at once many-layered and seamless; to add texture and finesse that belies its strength and power.” –Note from the Producer

Located on the famed Pritchard Hill in St. Helena, Ovid was founded by husband and wife, Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson. They chose the name as a reference to a Roman Poet of the same name who lived around 2000 years ago and find ways to incorporate his works into the winery’s marketing and branding efforts. Pritchard Hill is located on the eastern side of Oakville and is one of the rockiest parts of Napa perfect for growing the Bordeaux varieties that the producer is known for.

The winery has been set up for success since the beginning thanks to its “dream team” including Vineyard Manager David Abreu from Abreu Vineyards and Founding Winemaker Andy Erickson, previously from Screaming Eagle, Harlan, and Staglin. Most recently, Ovid was sold to the owners of Silver Oak Cellars and Twomey wineries, the Duncan family.

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