The Family Ties Cellar

Benchmark Wine Group is proud to bring to you: The Family Ties Cellar.

A family’s collective love of wine and the desire to share that journey was the origin of this cellar. Opening special bottles of wine and tasting them together spawned a passion and purpose behind this prolific collection. Acquiring their wines through top-tier East Coast retailers and directly from wineries, they amassed an extensive global cellar befit for generations of family birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday gatherings. This dedicated family explored the finest wines from the world’s most outstanding producers. Lovingly storing their wines in burgeoning temperature controlled cellars, every bottle was treated as a part of the family.

Benchmark Wine Group is honored to offer this cellar full of Europe’s, California’s, Australia’s, and South America’s most superlative wines. Acquiring wines from this collection is to raise a glass and experience wine with your favorite people, creating lasting memories centered around celebrations of good food and great conversation. Make sure to let your unique wine journey be shared with those you cherish most and take part in this family’s vinous legacy.

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  • Aalto
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