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How Does it Work?

With just one click, acquire an instantaneous collection of premium wines. Once processed, a representative from our team of cellar experts will contact you to confirm your hand-selected collection. Shipping will be arranged separately dependent on weather, your location, and preferences.

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Why Us?

Our team of trained cellar experts, with a collective 30 years in the industry, understand the value of a well-groomed cellar. Through our partnership with The Wine Market Journal, we have access to unparalleled wine market data, which allows us to best optimize the wines for your selected cellar.

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What's Included?

Each curated experience is guaranteed to be expertly selected and stocked full of envy-worthy cellar pieces, at an exclusive discounted rate. Based upon current weather conditions, your instant cellar will ship free of charge.


Become an instant collector. Based on your selection, our team of industry professionals will curate an instantaneous collection sourced from our unparalleled stock of fine and rare wine, with investment in mind.


The Enthusiast

  • The perfect balance of instant gratification and sound investment. The Enthusiast Cellar is a curated selection of wines to be enjoyed now and wines intended for long-term cellaring.
  • 48 bottles, average price $100+
  • $4,500

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The Benchmark

  • The quintessential cellar for all oenophiles. The Benchmark Cellar highlights exceptional expressions from some of our favorite producers. These highly sought-after wines accumulate to a substantial collection of enviable investments.
  • 60 bottles, average price $200+
  • $10,500

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The Parker

  • The epitome of fine wine collecting. The Parker Cellar is an illustrious curation of collectible fine wines, balanced with bottles active in the current market as well as those predicted to acquire value in the coming years. This prime selection is intended for those seeking a sound collection of world-class wines with investment in mind.
  • 72 bottles, average price $600+
  • $40,000

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