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Pavie 2016 1.5L

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Pavie 2016 1.5L

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Pavie 2015 1.5L

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Pavie 2002

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The Winery

Château Pavie

In 1998, Gerard Perse bought and transformed Château Pavie into one of the most prized wines within Saint-Emilion. He took advantage of the exceptional terroir and enhanced the quality of their production. Perse takes great pride in his estate and in being the largest vineyard of all Premier Grand Cru Classes in Saint-Emilion. All this hard work and dedication are shown in their wines that present exceptional richness and magnificent length.

Both Château Pavie and Pavie Decesse are owned by Gerard Perse who has put extraordinary efforts to in enhancing the quality of their production. Adjacent to these two estates is Château Pavie Macquin which was first owned by Albert Macquin who was a true pioneer in solving the phylloxera epidemic. Each of these Pavie estates has their own unique terroir are producing exquisite wines from St. Emilion.

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