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Petrus 2016

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Petrus 2006

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The Winery


The first historic documentation of the winery dates back to 1837, but didn’t find its current level of celebrity until the “great age of Pétrus” in 1945 with the end of World War II. Situated on the highest plateau in Pomerol, the soil is practically all black clay and ideal for their almost 30 planted acres of 95% Merlot. Hand harvest is only done in the afternoon once the morning dew has evaporated, and the wines are always aged in 100% new oak and unfiltered, producing wines with a gorgeous perfume, solid structure and aging abilities of up to 50 years in it best vintages. These are the wines that legends are made of. Pétrus finds its home on the unclassified Right Bank of Bordeaux in a modest two story farmhouse, yet produces wines that are the epitome of extravagant, lavish, and simply grand. Its magic is in the vines. Aesthetically, Pétrus is nowhere near the opulence of its Left Bank Château counterparts, but its wines tend to be even more expensive and rare than the First Growths.

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