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Troplong Mondot

17 Bottles Available 2016

Troplong Mondot 2016

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Troplong Mondot 2016 1.5L

10 In-Stock 1.5L

Troplong Mondot 2016 3L

2 In-Stock 3L
2 Bottles Available 2015

Troplong Mondot 2015 3L

2 In-Stock 3L
12 Bottles Available 2010

Troplong Mondot 2010

12 Pre-Arrival 750ml
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17 Bottles Available 2009

Troplong Mondot 2009

17 In-Stock 750ml
24 Bottles Available 2008

Troplong Mondot 2008

12 Pre-Arrival 750ml
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Troplong Mondot 2008

12 In-Stock 750ml
15 Bottles Available 2005

Troplong Mondot 2005

3 In-Stock 750ml

Troplong Mondot 2005

11 In-Stock 750ml

Troplong Mondot 2005 1.5L 6 pack owc

1 Pre-Arrival 1.5L
4 Bottles Available 2002

Troplong Mondot 2002

4 In-Stock 750ml
10 Bottles Available 2000

Troplong Mondot 2000

10 In-Stock 750ml
Troplong Mondot

The Winery

Château Troplong Mondot

Château Troplong Mondot finds its home in Saint-Émilion, and its colorful history dates back to the 17th century when it was founded by the Sèze family. The estate has changed ownership multiple times over the generations, but under the current ownership there has been a push to embrace contemporary winemaking techniques. 1989 marked the first great vintage of the modern era and they haven’t looked back since. The revamping and reconstruction was completed in 2008. The Troplong Mondot team has learned to embrace their unique, cool, last to harvest terroir to produce rich, dark and sumptuous wines.

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