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David Arthur

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David Arthur Meritaggio 2014

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David Arthur Cabernet Sauvignon Three Acre 2014

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David Arthur Le Boucher 2014

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6 Bottles Available 2013

David Arthur Meritaggio 2013

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David Arthur Meritaggio 2012

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5 Bottles Available 2007

David Arthur Cabernet Sauvignon Elevation 1147 2007

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David Arthur Meritaggio 2003

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David Arthur Meritaggio 2002

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David Arthur Meritaggio 2001

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2 Bottles Available 1998
David Arthur

The Winery

David Arthur

As one of the select wineries located on Pritchard Hill, David Arthur Vineyards is an exclusive brand whose property was attained by Don Long in the late 1950s. Although the nearly 1000-acre estate did not have vines planted until 1978, it has been considered one of Napa Valley’s ‘lieux-dits.’ With the help of his son, David Arthur Long, Don was able to build a small barn and convert it into a winery, but it was not until 1985 which they were able to release their first vintage.

Today, the winery is known for their Elevation 1147 Cabernet Sauvignon as well as three Bordeaux-style blends with Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet France, and Nebbiolo added. 1n 2016, David and his sister, Laura, welcomed Paul and Teddy Bystrowski, Laura’s father-in-law and husband, respectively, as partners to David Arthur Vineyards. As the family winery continues to grow, they still work in the original barn and share responsibilities of producing high-quality and limited production wines.

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