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Flora Springs

11 Bottles Available 2015

Flora Springs Trilogy 2015

1 In-Stock 750ml
WS 92
WE 90
1 Bottle Available 2014
1 Bottle Available 2013

Flora Springs Cabernet Sauvignon Rennie Reserve 2013

1 In-Stock 750ml
WA 95
JS 94
1 Bottle Available 2011

Flora Springs Trilogy 2011

1 In-Stock 750ml
CT 91
3 Bottles Available 2002
3 Bottles Available 2000

Flora Springs Trilogy 2000

3 In-Stock 750ml
WE 91
5 Bottles Available 1999

Flora Springs Trilogy 1999

5 In-Stock 750ml
WA 90
2 Bottles Available 1998

Flora Springs Trilogy 1998

2 In-Stock 750ml
CT 91
3 Bottles Available 1997

Flora Springs Trilogy 1997

3 In-Stock 750ml
WA 92
WS 91
2 Bottles Available 1996

Flora Springs Merlot Windfall Vineyard 1996

1 In-Stock 750ml
BTI 92
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The Winery

Flora Springs

Along the base of the Mayacamas Mountains in Rutherford’s Northwestern corner, Flora Springs Estate was established in 1978 on the property of an older winery from the 1800’s. The team cares for their 650 planted acres by farming sustainably and thinking forward about future generations. This family’s oriented property finds pride in being all knowing over their land, from paths the sun follows and minor soil changes, to the ripening patterns from vineyard block to block. Flora Springs has carved over 1,000 feet of caves out of their hillside and as of 2007 have installed 6,500 feet of solar panels; both of these techniques go to show that Flora Springs is a place where traditions are honored but modern technologies are utilized.

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