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2 Bottles Available 2016

Arietta On The White Keys 2016

2 In-Stock 750ml
2 Bottles Available 2014
3 Bottles Available 2012
1 Bottle Available 2008

Arietta Variation One 2008 1.5L

1 In-Stock 1.5L
1 Bottle Available 2007

Arietta Variation One 2007 1.5L

1 In-Stock 1.5L
10 Bottles Available 2006

Arietta Variation One 2006

3 In-Stock 750ml

Arietta On The White Keys 2006

7 In-Stock 750ml
1 Bottle Available 2005

Arietta Variation One 2005

1 In-Stock 750ml
3 Bottles Available 2003

Arietta Variation One 2003

3 In-Stock 750ml
6 Bottles Available 2002

Arietta Variation One 2002

3 In-Stock 750ml

Arietta Variation One 2002 1.5L

1 In-Stock 1.5L
2 Bottles Available 1999

Arietta Merlot Napa Valley/Hudson Vineyard 1999 3L

1 In-Stock 3L
1 Bottle Available 1997

The Winery


Arietta, an ultra-premium Napa winery specializing in limited production Bordeaux-style blends, is owned by wine specialist and auctioneer Fritz Hatton and his wife Caren. One of America’s most celebrated winemakers, Andy Erickson, crafts the Arietta wines from carefully chosen blocks in the cooler climates of Napa Valley. The Arietta wine portfolio currently consists of four red wines—H Block Hudson, Variation One, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Quartet—and one white wine, On The White Keys.

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