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An Approach to Relaxation

2 Bottles Available 2017
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An Approach To Relaxation

USA born Sommeliers Carla and Richard Betts began on different paths. They figured out that you can have a great time and make a living throwing a good party; thus, they found their way to wine. On one hot, muddy, and muggy afternoon, they found themselves in the same park at the same time. It turns out they both love the same wines, Grenache. During many miles and a fair amount of travel around the globe, they always kept their eyes open for the sandy terroir and cool climate that give the best Grenache that extra something special. Their search came to an end in Vine Vale, where they discovered a 150+ year-old Grenache vineyard (The Rza Block) set on sandy soil in one of the coolest microclimates in the Barossa Valley. The vines are own-rooted, head-trained, and dry- and organically farmed. Their wines are elegant but ample, sexy, and delicious that the couple says finds its way onto their table rather frequently.

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