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Here is a playback of our exclusive tasting featuring Vin Fraîche and hosted by Sommelier, Jon McDaniel, and Vin Fraîche President and Founder, Michael Kennedy. Check out the featured wines below (while supplies last, quantities limited).

About Vin Fraîche

Founded with the mindset of curation, Vin Fraîche Wine Group is a portfolio of sommelier-created and curated wineries from California, Oregon, Washington, Bordeaux, and Tuscany. Production for each winery is less than 2,000 cases. Vin Fraîche is managed by a team comprised of sommeliers and winemakers, who use their experience to ensure each winery has a true wine-focused purpose.

About Component Wines

Component Wine Company creates single-varietal, single-vineyard wines from Napa Valley and Bordeaux, France. The goal is to provide an intimate and elevated experience in which you learn about the intrinsic characteristics of each grape and each region. Component was founded by Michael Kennedy, who has always dreamed of creating his own intimate wine experience through a bottle of wine throughout his years in the wine industry as a sommelier and vintner. In 2017, he was honored with Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 award for his creation of Component, which has helped propel the brand into the hands of curious wine collectors worldwide.

About Gagnon-Kennedy

In October of 2015, Michael Kennedy was on a visit to Napa Valley from the Cayman Islands. He spent the afternoon visiting Bryant Family Vineyard on Pritchard Hill with the winemaker, Marc Gagnon. The two hit it off, spending hours talking about rocks, vines, and a million other topics. When Gagnon left Bryant Estate, Kennedy asked Gagnon what was next over a dinner with friends at a Napa restaurant. A week or so later, Kennedy and Gagnon started talking about doing something together. The goal— explore the vineyards that stood out as prime to the earliest settlers of Napa Valley, express them uniquely and purely, and provide an experience in the valley unlike any other.

Featured Wines:

Component Merlot 2018
Component Semillon 2020 375ml
Gagnon Kennedy Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Cuvee 2019

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