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Pierre Jean Villa

St. Joseph Saut de L`Ange Blanc 2020

Winemaker Notes:
Pale, pure yellow with nervy acidity and a gloriously rich palate. Floral, slightly herbal, flirting with a delicate honeysuckle and apricot tea on the finish. No wonder this was one of Charlemagne’s favorite grapes from Rhone!

The real trick to loving white Rhone lies in the hands of persnickety specialists. Villa counts among such ranks and produces this 100% Roussanne. He’s one of maybe 4 or 5 in the region to do so, largely because the grape is as finicky and difficult to please as our stubborn viticulteur Villa himself. Sourced from not quite 1.5 acres (.6 hectares), the name Saut de L’Ange means “Swan Dive” and is named for the heart-stopping steep cliff that looms atop a hillside above the winery.

Wine Pairing:
This month’s pro picks are designed for a fully immersive experience. So lets lead in with fresh, warm baguette, soft butter, and fried green tomatoes topped with crab salad that sets off the glamour and succulent beauty of that Pierre Jean Villa St. Joseph Saut de L`Ange Blanc Roussanne.

St. Joseph Preface 2020

Winemaker Notes:
Fresh blueberry and blackberries on the nose lead into one of the most affable and subtle Syrah’s I’ve had to date. A lovely dinner wine, this glass pairs a plush tannin structure with a generous and juicy palate that lingers without overpowering.

It’s absolutely delicious – a welcome sipper in the deluge of wines begging for time to soften and open, this bottle offers a truly sumptuous opening act. Named for its opening role at the estate, Latin pre meaning before and far meaning to speak. It’s literally made to invite to discover the rest of the estate.

Wine Pairing:
As the sun sets, and the firepit is prepared, enjoy a cozy transition to Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs over rice with almonds and fresh herbs (served in a large bowl for peak mingling). Savor the Pierre Jean Villa St. Joseph Preface as it leads you into the cool, starlight studded evening.


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