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Bibi Graetz

36 Bottles Available 2016

Bibi Graetz Testamatta 2016

36 Pre-Arrival 750ml
2 Bottles Available 2008

Bibi Graetz Colore 2008 6 pack

2 Pre-Arrival 750ml
Original packaging available upon request
2 Bottles Available 2007

Bibi Graetz Colore 2007 6 pack

2 Pre-Arrival 750ml
Original packaging available upon request
12 Bottles Available 2005

Bibi Graetz Colore 2005

11 In-Stock 750ml

Bibi Graetz Colore 2005 6 pack

1 Pre-Arrival 750ml
Original packaging available upon request
Bibi Graetz

The Winery

Bibi Graetz

I continue to be impressed with the beautiful wines of Bibi Graetz. These are highly singular, expressive wines that merit serious consideration.
– Antonio Galloni

Described by many as one of the most creative winemakers in all of Italy, Bibi Graetz is revolutionizing the wines of Tuscany. With no formal training and only a tiny vineyard on his parent’s property near Florence he still managed to form one of his country’s supreme cult wineries. Although Bibi doesn’t own a traditional estate, he has been able to search for preferential old vines throughout Tuscany, specifically Isola di Giglio, which is the foundation for his opulent yet sophisticated wines. He focuses on indigenous grape varieties that many other producers near him refuse to use such as Canaiolo, Colorino, Soffocone di Vinicigliata, and many more. Over time, Bibi Graetz has acquired 75 acres of vines throughout 20 small, organically farmed vineyard plots, and continues to revolutionize the way that Italian wine is thought of.

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