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The Celebratory Cellar

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Benchmark Wine Group is proud to bring to you: The Celebratory Cellar

Special milestones in life deserve to be toasted with a glass of the finest wine available. This cellar is full of back vintage and library wines ready to help you commemorate those you love. Over many years, this collector acquired his wines directly from the producers and top-tiered auction sites, thus amassing a truly outstanding blue-chip collection. He was meticulous when storing his wines, keeping them in a pristine, professional-grade, temperature-controlled wine cellar from the moment of acquisition. Now, this cellar is ready to be shared, with many of the wines coming into their prime drinking windows.

Do you have a 40th-anniversary celebration coming up? How about a 30th birthday commemorating your child’s birth year? A perfect way to retire from a long-time career is to see it out with a bottle of wine from your start date year. And don’t forget the vintage Champagne to dazzle the guests! Nothing is more nostalgic or sentimental than celebrating a loved one by sharing a truly exceptional wine from their landmark years. So, no matter how you choose to honor life’s remarkable moments, this cellar can supply you with the most classic and iconic wines from the world’s top wine producers.

These wines were shipped temperature-controlled, professionally stored, and backed by Provenance Guarantee


Durfort Vivens
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This product is a part of The Celebratory Cellar
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Magnien, Michel
Vineyard 29
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This product is a part of The Celebratory Cellar
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