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The Quintessential Cellar

Quintessential Cellar

Benchmark Wine Group is excited to release our newest feature: The Quintessential Cellar. Assembled by a successful Texas gentleman, this collection is a classic example of what many oenophiles create when they become serious about wine.

The collector was proud to share his discriminating methods of acquiring wines, buying directly from top California wineries which he had visited and satisfying his appetite for European wines through a select few local retailers. With rare exception, his vinous holdings were purchased on release; and all were stored at the premiere wine storage facility in his area.

After choosing to monetize a large portion of the collection to finance an even more expensive hobby, Benchmark made it a painless process. A cellar team was dispatched in less than 48 hours to personally inspect each wine to ensure condition and pack the collection for safe, temperature controlled transport to Napa.

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your collection with perfect provenance, single-owner wines!

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